Ocuplastic Instruments Set

Ocuplastic Instruments Set


1         OI-2423          Lancaster eye speculum solid blade
2         OI-3114          Schepens  orbital retractor
3         OI-3109          Desmarres lid retractor size 2   13mm
4         OI-3118          Jaeger lid plate
5         OI-3105          Knapp lacrimal sac retractor 4 prong sharp
6         OI-3654          Meyerhoefer chalazion curette size  3
7         OI-3662          Bunge evisceration spoon large
8         OI-3453          Graefe muscle hook #2    10mm
9         OI-821              Stevens tenotomy scissor blunt tip ringh handle straight
10       OI-824              Enuleation scissor ring handle medium cure
11       OI-965              Bishop harom tissue forceps
12       OI-993              Berke ptosis forceps
13       OI-988              Lambert chalazion  forceps  round, 8 mm
14       OI-2308          Hartmann mosquito forceps straight
15       OI-2303          Castroviejo needle holder  curved, without lock
16       OI-2313          Kalt needle holder st
17       OI-3560          Freer periosteal elevator
18       OI-3551          West lacrimal chisel straight
19       OI-3557          Wilder lacrimal dilator  size 2 medium taper
20       OI-3555          Bowman lacrimal probe malleable stainless steel  set of 5
21       OI-3562          Pigtail probe with suture hole double ended
22       OI-2318          Bard-parker handle flat handle
23       OI-5009          Polycorbonate sterlisation tray large  ( 6.0 x 10 x 0.75) inch


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