Microsurgery Lacrimal Set (DCR)

Microsurgery Lacrimal Set (DCR)


1    OI-3102        Stevenson Lacrimal Sac Retractor, 3 x 3 Blunt Prongsk
2    OI-3106        Knapp Lacrimal Sac Retractor, Blunt
3    OI-3108        Desmarres Lid Retractor, Size 0
4    OI-917           St. Martin Suturing Forceps, 1 x 2 Teeth
5    OI-979         Wills Hospital Utility Forceps
6    OI-2337       Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Curved
7    OI-2308      Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Straight
8    OI-815         Westcott Stitch Scissors
9    OI-818         Eye Scissors, Straight, 41/2?Length
10  OI-822        Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Curved
11  OI-2313      Kalt Needle Holder, Straight
12  OI-2301      Barraquer N.Holder Micro Jaws, w/o Lock
13  OI-2306     Troutman Razor Blade Holder 5.5mm handle, Straight
14  OI-3602     Kerrison Bone Nibbling Ronguer, Size 0
15  OI-3604    Beyer Ronguer, Single Action
16  OI-3565    Nasal Speculum, Infant

17  OI-3551     West Lacrimal Chisel, Straight
18  OI-3553    West Bone Gauge
19  OI-3554    Mallet for DCR
20  OI-3560   Freer Periosteal Elevator
21  OI-3561    Traquair Periosteal Elevator
22  OI-3562   Pigtail Probe with Suture Holes
23  OI-3555  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Malleable Stainless Steel
24  OI-3557   Lacrimal Dialator Size 2 Medium Taper
25  OC-197     West Lacrimal Cannula, Curved
26  OI-3101    Mueller’s Lacrimal Sac Retractor
28  OI-966     Fixation Forceps
29  OI-5010   Polycarbonate Sterlisation tray large



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