Microsurgery Radial Keratotomy Set

Microsurgery Radial Keratotomy Set


1         OI-2412         Barraquer Solid Wire Speculum, Large
2         OI-2645         Hoffer Optic Zone Marker (3mm Dia)
3         OI-2635         Osher Neumann Radial Marker (4 Blades)
4         OI-2636         Osher Neumann Radial Marker (6 Blades)
5         OI-2642         Grene Visual Axis Marker 0.5mm Dia Concave Tip
6         OI-3354         Deitz Incision Depth Gauge Size 3.5mm to 4.0mm
7         OI-3501         Thornton Fixation Ring 16mm
8         OI-975           Bores Corneal Fixation Forceps, Straight
9         OI-999           Bores Incision Spreading Forceps
10       OI-976           Kramer Corneal Fixation Forceps
11        OI-916           Castroviejo Suturing Forceps Straight 1 x 2 teeth
12       OC-113           Air Injection Cannula, 27G


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