Microsurgery Retinal Set

Microsurgery Retinal Set


1             OI-2419         Clark Eye Speculum, Small
2             OI-3251         Schepens Scleral Depressor, Small # 8
3             OI-3457         Gass Retinal Detachment Hook
4             OI-3351         Castroviejo Caliper,Straight
5             OI-910            Colibri Forceps,1 x 2 Teeth,0.12mm
6             OI-965            Bishop-Harmon Tissue Forceps, Delicate 0.8mm
7             OI-917            St. Martin Suturing Forceps, 1 x 2 Teeth
8             OI-979            Wills Hospital Utility Forceps

9             OI-902            Mc Pherson Tying Forceps, Long Handle
10           OI-903            Mc Pherson Forceps, 11mm Angles
11           OI-2308         Hartman MosquitoForceps, Straight
12           OI-2337         HartmanMosquito Forceps, Curved
13           OI-2256         Viterous Forceps, 20G Smooth Jaws,Straight
14           OI-815            Westcott Stitch Scissors
15           OI-806            Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors,Curved
16           OI-2256         Vitreous Scissors, 20G Straight
17           OI-819            Eye Scissors, Curved 41/2″Length
18           OI-2313         Kalt Needle Holder,Straight
19           OI-2319         Barraquer N. Holder, Short Model, M. Jaws, CRD W/o Lock
20           OC-113            Rycroft Air Injection Cannula, 27G
21            OC119            Bishop Harmon Anterior Chamber Cannula, 19G
22           OI-914            Mc Pherson Corneal Forceps
23           OI-3452         Graefe Muscle Hook
24           OI-3455         Jameson Muscle Hook Small
25           OI-3115         Schepens Forked Orbital Retractor
26           OI-2318         Blade Handle Flat


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