Microsurgery Pterygium Set

Microsurgery Pterygium Set


1              OI-2404            Liebermann-Tennant Eye speculum, Open Blades
2              OI-3306            Barraquer Cataract Knife
3              OI-3308            Paufique Graft Knife
4              OI-3207            Paton Spatula
5              OI-2303            Castroviejo N. Holder, Delicate Jaws, Cur. W/o Lock
6              OI-1004            Bonaccolto Utility Forceps
7              OI-969               Fixation Forceps,
8              OI-917               St. Martin Suturing Forceps
9              OI-824               Enucleation Scissor Ring Handle medium curve
10            OI-816               Iris Scissors, Straight
11             OI-5007      Polycarbonate Sterlisation Tray Medium (4.0 x 7.5 x 0.75)”




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