MICROSURGERY Keratoplasty Set

MICROSURGERY Keratoplasty Set


1           OI-2412          Barraquer Solid Wire Speculum, Large
2           OI-1000         Corneal Graft Holding Forceps
3           OI-911            Micro Colibri Corneal sceral Forceps with tying Platform
4           OI-915            Bonn Forceps,1 x 2 Teeth Set at 90?, 0.12mm, Long Model
5           OI-903            Kelman Mc Pherson Forceps, Long Handle, 7.5mm Angled
6           OI-2308          Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Straight
7           OI-2337          Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Curved
8           OI-964            Superior Rectus Forceps
9           OI-965            Bishop Harmon Tissue Forceps, Delicate,0.8mm
10         OI-826            Corneal Transplant Scissors (Trought-Katzin) LEFT
11          OI-827            Corneal Transplant Scissors (Trought-Katzin)RIGHT
12          OI-831            Micor IRIS Scissor Curved
13          OI-815            Westcott Stitch Scissors
14          OI-808            Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors, Ang. Forward, 11mm Blade
15          OI-831            Iris Scissors, Straight, 31/2″ Length
16          OI-2301          Barraquer N. Holder, Short Model, M.Jaws, Cur. w/o lock
17          OI-3207          Paton Spatula and Spoon
18          OI-3204          Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula
19          OI-3206          Keratoplasty Spatula
20          OI-3308          Paufique Graft Knife
21          OI-2335          BLADE HANDLE ROUND
22          OI2310           Schaedel Towel Forceps 90mm
23          OI-2311          Serrefine Small, Straight
24          OI-3351          Castroviejo Caliper, Straight
25          OI-3407          Vaccume Suction Trephine
26          OI-4005          Maloney Intraoperative Keratometer
27          OC-113            Rycroft Air Injection Cannula, 27G Reusable
28          OC-114            Bracken Anterior Chamber Cannula, Curved and Straight
29          OI-2637          Osher – Neumann Radial Marker, 8 Blades
30          OI-3504          Flieringa Scleral Fixation Ring (Set of 8 Sizes)
31          OI-3401          Disposable Trephine, Size 7.0, 7.5, 7.25,7.75, 8.0,


32           OI-3405         ENDOTHELIAL PUNCH
33           OI-3851         Silicon Bulb with adapter
34           OI-5009        Tray Polycarbonate with single Mat 152 x 254 x 19mm



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