Microsurgery ECCE-Phaco Emulsification Set

Microsurgery ECCE-Phaco Emulsification Set


1    OI-801      Universal Corneal Scissor Fine Curved blades
2   OI-814      Westcott Stitch Scissors Curved, Blunt Tips
3   OI-808      Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors, Ang. Forward, 11mm Blade
4   OI-818      Iris Scissors,Straight 4.5 Length
5   OI-983      Akahoshi Prechoper Forceps Curved
6   OI-913      Lim’s Corneoscleral Forceps, 0.12mm, 1×2 Teeth
7   OI-965      Bishop Harmon Tissue Forceps, Delicate 0.8mm
8   OI-964      Dastoor Superior Rectus Forceps, 1×2 Teeth
9    OI-936      Lens Folding Forceps
10  OI-937      Lens Inserting Forceps
11  OI-902      Jaffe Tying Forceps, Straight
12  OI-905      Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps, Flat Handle
13  OI-981      Dodick Nucelus Cracker
14  OI-2313    Kalt Needle Holder,Straight
15  OI-2301    Barraquer N.Holder, Micro Jaws, Curved W/o Lock for 10? Suture
16  OC-152      Sinskey II Lens manipulation Hook, Angled
17  OI-3852    Akahoshi Nucleus Ring Sustainer
18  OI-3204    Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula, 0.50mm Wide
19  OI-2601    NAGAHARA nucleus spatula Flat Inferior Edge
20  OI-3351    Castroviejo Caliper, Straight
21  OI-2412    Barraquer Wire Speculum, Large
22  OI-3503    Shepard Fixation Ring
23  OI-2310    Schadel Towel Forceps 90mm Length
24  OI-2311    Serrefine Small, Straight
25  OC-113      Rycroft Air Injection Cannula, 23G
26  OC-131      Pearce Hydrosdissection Cannula, 35? Ang. 25G
27  OC-175      J SHAPED CANNULA (Inside Port)
28  OC-129      Kellan Hydrodelineation, Curved Bevel Tip,
29  OC-122      Simcoe I/ACannula, 23G,Direct
30  OI-5009    large  tray


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