Microsurgery Squint/Strabimus Set

Microsurgery Squint/Strabimus Set


1            OI-2403          Kershner Eye Speculum Solid Blades
2            OI-2337          Hartmann Mosquito Forceps Curved
3            OI-971             Moody Fixation Forceps 1 X 2 Teeth 5mm
4            OI-915             Bonn Forceps Straight, 1 x 2 teeth at 90? 0.12mm
5            OC-113             Rycroft Air Injection Cannula, 19G
6            OI-901             Jaffe Tying Forceps smooth jaws Curved
7            OI-3453          Graefe Muscle Hook 10mm
8            OI-3454          Graefe Muscle Hook 12mm
9            OI-3455          Jamson Muscle hook Small
10          OI-3456          Jamson Muscle hook Big
11          OI-3351          Castroviejo Caliper, Straight
12          OI-821             Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Straight Ring handle
13          OI-822             Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Curved Ring handle
14          OI-814             Wescott Tenotomy Scissor Curved Blunt Tips
15          OI-2301          Barraquer Needle Holder 10mm Handle Curved
16          OI-3851          Silicon Bulb with Adaptor
17          OI-5009          Sterilizing Case, 6.0 x 10 x 0.75Inch


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