Microsurgery Phaco Set (Compact)

Microsurgery Phaco Set (Compact)


1      OI-2406   Barraquer Wire Speculum, Large
2     OI-901       Jaffe Tying Forceps, Curved
3     OI-904      Mc Pherson Forceps, Angled
4     OI-963      Bonn forceps straight
5     OI-964      Superior Rectus Forceps
6     OI-979      Wills Hospital Utility Forceps
7     OI-801      Universal Corneal Scissors
8     OI-808      Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors, Angled
9     OI-905      Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps, Flat Handle
10   OI-2301   Barraquer Needle Holder, Micro Jaws w/o Lock
11   OI-2308   Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Straight
12   OI-2337   Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Curved
13   OC113      Anterior Chamber Cannula 25G
 14  OC131      Hydrodissection Cannula
 15  OC122      Simcoe I/A Cannula, Direct
 16  OI-2318   Blade Handle Flat
 17  OI-2616   Nucleus Chopper, Sharp
18   OC152     Sinskey  Lens Manipulating Hook
19   OI-3152   Lewis Lens Loop, (Wire Vectus)
20   OI-3151   Ovation Lens Expressor
22   OI-5010   Polycorbonate Sterlisation Tray large  ( 6.0 x 10 x 0.75) Inch


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