Coaxial Microphaco Set

Coaxial Microphaco Set


1           OI-910             Colibri Corneal Forceps
2           OI-916             Castroviejo Suturing Forceps 0.12mm
3           OI-903             McPherson Angled Tying Forceps
4           OI-803             Corneal Scissor Castroviejo Right Blunt Tips
5           OC-152             Sinskey hook
6           OVF614545 degree side port knife 0.6mm
7           OVR621820Ovation Knife 1.8 to 2.0mm
8           OVR621824Ovation Knife 2.0 to 2.4mm
9           OI-984             Akahoshi Combo Prechopper for 2.0mm Incision
10         OI-3852         Nucleus Sustainer with ring end tip
11          OC221             Bimanual Irrigation Handpiece
12         OC216             Bimanual Aspiration Handpiece, Polisher Tip
13         OI-230             1Barraquer Needle Holder Extra Fine Curved
14         OI-814             Westcott Stitch Scissor
15         OI-833             Gills-Vannas Capsulotomy Scissor Angled
16         OI-2401          Barraquer Wire Speculum
17         OC-118             Olive Tip Cannula Curved
18         OC-122             I / A Cannula Simcoe
19         OI-3851          Silicone Bulb with adapter
20         OI-4005         Maloney Astigmatic Keratometer

21         OI-5011          Plastic sterilizing tray with silicone mat Double





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