Extracapsular Cataract Extraction Set (ECCE)

Extracapsular Cataract Extraction Set (ECCE)


1     OI-801        Universal Corneal Scissor Fine Curved blades
2     OI-803        Castroviejo Corneoscleral Scissors, Small Blade, Left
3     OI-804        Castroviejo Corneoscleral Scissors, Small Blade,Right
4     OI-812        Barraquer Iris Scissors Blunt
5     OI-814        Westcott Tentomy scissors Strd Blades Curved, 12cm Blunt Tip
6     OI-815        Westcott Stitch Scissors
7     OI-808        Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors, Ang. Forward, 11mm Blade
8     OI-816        Iris Scissors,Straight
9     OI-910        Colibri Forceps, 1×2 Teeth,0.12mm
10   OI-916        Mc Pherson CornealForceps, 1 x 2 Teeth
11   OI-965        Bishop-Harmon Tissue Forceps, Delicate 0.8mm
12   OI-917        St. Martin Suturing Forceps, 1 x 2 Teeth
13   OI-964        Dastoor Superior Rectus Forceps, 1×2 Teeth
14   OI-979        Wills Hospital Utility Forceps
15   OI-925        Arruga Capsule Forceps
16   OI-933        Shepard IOL Forceps
17   OI-902        Jaffe Tying Forceps,Straight
18   OI-903        Mc Pherson Tying Forceps
19   OI-2308     Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Straight
20   OI-2336     Hartman Mosquito Forceps, Curved
21   OI-2313     Kalt Needle Holder, Straight
22   OI-2319     Barraquer N Holder,Short Model, M.Jaws, Cur.w/o Lock
23   OI-2324     Barraquer N Holder, Standard Jaws, Curved Jaws,w/o Lock
24   OI-2401     Barraquer Wire Speculum,Large
25   OC-113        Rycroft Air Injection Cannula, 16G
26   OC-131        Pearce Hydrosdissection Cannula, 35? Ang. 25G
27   OC-129        Kellan Hydrodelineation, Curved Bevel Tip, 25G
28   OC-182        Jensen Capsule Polisher, Sand BlastOlive Tip, 23G
29   OI-3301      Took Corneal Knife
30   OC-152        Sinskey II Lens manipulation Hook, Angled
31   OC-186        Iris Hook and Lens Manipulator Push Pull Model
32   OI-3201      Barraquer Iris Spatula, 0.25mm,Angled
34   OI-3658     Nightingale Capsule Polisher, Posterior
35   OI-3152      Lewis lens Loop, Small (WireVectus)
36   OI-3351     Castroviejo Caliper, Straight
37   OI-2310     Schadel Towel Forceps 90mm Length
38   OI-2311     Serrefine Small, Straight
39   OI-2306     Troutman Blade Breaker and Holder, Small
40   OI-2318      Blade Handle Flat
41   OC-159        Knolle -Pearce irrigation Vectis
42   OI-3851      Silicone Bulb with Adapter
43   OI-5003     Sterlization Box with Two Silicone Mats


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