High quality glass optics for clear images
* Unique silicon storage cum sterilization container
* Very economical
* Flexibility to order individual lenses and rings
OIL R Silicon Ring
OIL R1 Stainless Steel Ring with Two notches
OIL R2 Stainless Steel Ring with Two Struts
OIL 1 Flat Lens
OIL 2 Prism Lens 20°
OIL 3 Prism Lens 30 °
OIL 4 magnifying Lens
OIL 5 wide field lens
OIL 7 Prismatic Biconcave Lens
OIL 6 Biconcave – 90D Lens

OIL 1 Flat Lens: Flat upper surface for this commonly
used lens, helps in the visualization of central part of the
posterior vitreous and central 36° of the retina. This lens is
idea/for photography.

OIL 2 20° prism lens: This lens is used to visualize the posterior
peripheral vitreous and retina. the prism has to be rotated to
sed the different quadrants.

OIL 3 30° Prism Lens: Used for clear examination of the
peripheral fundus & vitreous beyond equator in pakic,
aphakic and pseudophakic eyes. All these lenses can be used
for endolaser in a a fluid filled phakic eye or an air – filled
lphakic eye.

OIL 4 Magnifier Lens: The upper surface of this lens has a
convexity of + 15 diopter. This gives a magnified view of the
central retina, which is useful for fine and precise procedures
like membrane peeling and retinotomy for subretianl
membrance removall.

OIL 6 Biconcave 90° Lens: This lens is used for examination and
endolase in air filled vitreous cavity in phakic and pseudophakic

OIL 5 Wide Field Lens: The upper surface os this lens has a
concavity of – 15 dioptre, which gives a wide field of view over
the central retina and the vitreous in phakic, aphakic and
pseudophakic eye.

OIL 7 Prismatic Biconcave Lens: This is used for examination
and endolaser of the peripheral retina in an air-filled phakic and
pseudophakic eye