Eye Pieces                                           10X Wide Field / 12.5x Wide Field
Diopter Adjustment                        From +6 to -6

Observation Angle for Binocular
Tube (F=170mm)                             45degree, optional – 0 degree to 70 degree & 0                                                                    degree to 80 degree continuous
Interpupillary Distance                 Adjustable from 55mm to 80mm by knob
Magnification Change Type      Motorized Continuous Zoom Type
Field of View                                     43mm to 9.0 mm Diameter
Total Magnification                       4X to 25X
Working Distance                         175mm(200mm Optional)
Fine Focusing                                 45mm Adjustable by Motorized Foot Control
XY Coupling Movement           40mm x 40mm
Illumination                                     Standard 6 degree Illumination coupled with (-)2                                                                  degree Illumination for Bright Red Reflex
Minimum Intensity                      80,000Lux

Filter                                                   Integrated UV Filter
Brightness                                      Continuously Variable
Light Transmission                    By Fiber Optic Cable
Light Source                                Twin outlet 12V/100W Halogen Lamp with Cold                                                                   Reflector
Arms                                                Counterbalanced Spring Arms
Horizontal length of Arms           100mm
Vertical Height Adjustment       Minimum 1750mm
Vertical Height Adjustment       Maximum 2130mm
Rotation of control Panel            360 degree
Rotation of Primary Arm             260 degree
Floor Stand                                        Mobile Floor Stand
Dimensions                                       Length 750mm, Breadth 750mm
of Base
Mobility                                              On Four Caster Wheels
Power Supply                                 AC 220-240 Volts or 110 V on Request
Total Weight(Net)                        160Kg (Approx)

Accessories are available, for Video, Still Camera, Assistance Viewing.


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